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United Hub Staff Assist Seniors with Translation Services at Providence John Gabriel House

On March 6, 2023, United Hub staff generously volunteered their time to provide translation services to seniors at Providence John Gabriel House. The event aimed to facilitate communication and understanding during the annual review of updated house rules for residents.

The Providence John Gabriel House, a community residence for seniors, conducts an annual review of house rules to ensure that residents are informed and involved in the governance of their living environment. This year, the United Hub staff stepped in to offer their assistance, recognizing the importance of clear communication for all residents, including those with language barriers.

Throughout the event, United Hub staff members diligently translated the updated house rules and important information for the residents, ensuring that everyone could participate fully in the review process. Their support enabled seniors to ask questions, provide feedback, and understand any changes or updates to the house rules.

The collaboration between United Hub staff and Providence John Gabriel House exemplifies the power of community partnerships in enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for seniors. By providing translation services, the United Hub staff demonstrated their commitment to supporting the well-being and engagement of older adults in the community.

Residents expressed their gratitude for the assistance provided by the United Hub staff, highlighting the value of such initiatives in fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among seniors. The event concluded with a greater understanding and appreciation of the updated house rules, thanks to the dedicated efforts of all involved parties.

Overall, the partnership between United Hub and Providence John Gabriel House served as a shining example of community collaboration and support for seniors, emphasizing the importance of accessibility and communication in promoting the well-being of older adults.

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