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Electric Charging Station

Washington State's Department of Commerce has granted over $85 million to enhance the electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the state. United Hub proudly stands as one of the three statewide winners chosen to contribute to this expansion initiative

Governor Jay Inslee joined Washington State Department of Commerce Director Mike Fong today to announce over $85 million in grants that will fund nearly 5,000 new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in communities throughout the state. All of the funds are going to nonprofits, electric utilities, tribes and public agencies, and half of the grants will install chargers in communities most at risk of negative health effects caused by fossil fuel pollution.

United Hub as a community-based organization focused on increasing access to home ownership for communities of color, will use grant funds for multifamily charging projects in King County. 

With the Department of Commerce's support, United Hub is ready to make a lasting impact on bringing renewable energy solutions to our communities. Empowered by the grant, UHub is paving the way for a sustainable future - one EV charger at a time

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Electric Car Charger
Electric Car Charger
Electric Car Charger
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