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Insight Into the Journey of ARCH (A Regional Coalition for Housing) Board: 🏘️Debrief Middle Housing

Following our extensive community outreach, the ARCH board summoned all Community Based Organizations (CBOs) for a collaborative debrief session. The agenda was to dissect the strategies implemented - to identify the successful ones, acknowledge areas requiring improvement, and gain insights for planning future events. The board is eagerly anticipating engaging with community members, sharing how their input has been instrumental, and collectively evaluating the accumulated data, marks a significant stride in community involvement and housing discussions.

Orchestrated by Eastside for All, the project embodied the spirit of collective effort and societal growth 🌱.An array of diverse organizations, including United Hub, BizDiversity, ESL and Culture Coach, Brazilian Community Services, Africans on the Eastside, King County Promotores Network, Team TEAD, Pride Across the Bridge, Hopelink, Immigrant Women's Community Center, Indian American Community Services, YES, Latine Youth & Family Services, Community-Based Programs, and the Islamic Center of Bothell, actively participated in the project.

Placing paramount importance on this endeavor, United Hub swiftly prioritized the project within our organizational framework. Within the first week📑, we accomplished the project initiation, accurately defined the requirements, and clearly delineated the project scope.

In the following week, a comprehensive project plan was created, reviewed, and signed-off✅, leading us to the execution phase. As part of our execution strategy, we offered translation services in three languages, eliminating language barriers 🌍 and facilitating diverse participation.

Community outreach was a critical aspect of our project, and we adopted a mixed approach - utilizing both in-person events 🎪 and one-on-one conversations🗣️. Events were strategically hosted at varying locations such as libraries, senior homes, and personal residences, catering to a broad audience spectrum. From hourly wage workers, educators, and IT professionals to high-end property owners, we welcomed the insights of first-generation immigrants, an audience group that sincerely appreciated being part of such city planning discussions.

In addition to the broader outreach, we conducted individual discussions, focusing on community members who demonstrated significant interest in the project. These conversations happened either through conference calls or face-to-face meetings📞, allowing us to convert these individuals into our project "evangelists". These ardent supporters ranged from college students👩‍🎓 and housekeepers to restaurant staff and community leaders. Their unfaltering assistance helped our survey reach an extended audience. Remarkably, United Hub was responsible for generating 28% of the total survey data📊, an achievement that underscores the impact of our efforts.

We take immense pride 😊 in the success of our community outreach, resulting from active engagement with local residents and organizations.

Through this journey, we not only facilitated a significant dialogue around housing but also celebrated the power of unity, understanding, and diversity 🌈. We look forward to more of such collaborations, dedicated to creating a more inclusive and aware society 🏙️.

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