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Cultivating Inclusivity: United Hub's Active Role in Redmond 2050 Project

On October 26th, United Hub actively participated in a community gathering for the City of Redmond's Redmond 2050 project at Redmond’s Together Center. This inclusive event brought together diverse groups representing various segments of the Redmond population, including individuals with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community, local minorities, business owners, youth, and the elderly. The exchange of feedback and ideas was marked by enthusiasm.

United Hub enthusiastically engaged in the community dinner, discussions, artistic expressions, and other activities, all aimed at fostering a more welcoming and inclusive city for everyone.

The event provided a valuable opportunity for United Hub to involve my high school team, dedicated to supporting Redmond 2050. It profoundly impacts our future in Redmond. Delving into daily life challenges, such as creating space for school bike lanes and enhancing accessibility to public restrooms, allowed us to devise creative solutions. It was empowering to reflect on how we can contribute to the city's progress by addressing these pressing issues.

This event's success has inspired my team and me to maintain our active involvement and continue making meaningful contributions to the advancement of Redmond 2050 in the years to come.

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